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SOI School of Infantry West - Official Marine Corps Links

  • SOI West: Student Check-In and Travel Information
    Directions and Transportation Tips- The School of Infantry (West) is located aboard Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California. It is approximately 60 miles North of San Diego, and 72 miles South of Los Angeles.

    When to Report In- You need to ensure that you report by the date designated on your orders. Look at the signed receiving endorsement on the bottom front page of your orders. That is the date and time that you must report by. If for some reason you must arrive earlier than that date, report in to SOI. Do not get a hotel.

    Living Conditions- You are not authorized to move your dependents or have a private vehicle with you. You must wait until you get established at your first permanent duty station (a school or temporary duty under instruction, is not a permanent duty station). While a student at ITB or MCTB, you will be living in open squad bays. Marines will be issued one wall locker and/or a foot locker. There is not much space to securely store personal effects. You should wait until you arrive at your first duty station before bringing large bulky items. Students should also avoid bringing expensive items (CD players, cameras, etc.) because they are easily broken and lost here at SOI. Your entire issue of uniforms and gear that you received at the Recruit Depot is all that is required. It is recommended that you bring 3 sets of appropriate civilian clothes to wear on liberty. Your civilian clothes should resemble your Service Charlie uniform (collared shirt, slacks and/or serviceable jeans).

    Refer to the link above to view additional information such as flying to LAX or San Diego, leave extensions and SOI mailing addresses.

  • SOI West: Photos

  • ITB: Camp Pendleton
    Mission- "ITB trains, develops, and certifies Marines as riflemen, machine gunners, mortarmen, infantry assaultman, and antitank missileman in order to provide basically qualified infantrymen for service in the Operating Forces. Additionally, ITB has an inherent obligation to continue to train, educate, and develop permanent personnel in order to facilitate career progression and continued service in the Marine Corps."

    Refer to the link above for additional information including a calendar overview for rifleman, machine gunners, mortarman, assaultman, and antitank missileman.

  • MCT: Camp Pendleton
    Mission- "Marine Combat Training Battalion trains Marines to be basic combat rifleman in order to prepare them for worldwide deployment in the operating forces."

    MCT General Information- MCT is a 29 day course that trains entry level Marines in the basic combat skills they will need. Training consists of day/night combat marksmanship, use of the M67 grenade, grenade launchers, improvised explosive device (IED) detection and response. All while maintaining combat conditioning with the use of the obstacle course.

    Refer to the link above for additional information on MCT.

  • SOI West: Official Facebook Page

SOI School of Infantry East - Official Marine Corps Links

  • SOI East: Student Check-In and Travel Information
    ALL Personnel reporting into the School of Infantry for permanent assignment, either PCS or PCA locally, report directly to the School of Infantry.

    During normal working hours, both officers and enlisted personnel report to the Base Personnel Officer located in Building 12. After normal working hours, officers can either report in person to the Command Duty Officer at Building 1 or call CDO at 451-3049.

    Enlisted personnel and entry level Marines must report in person to the Command Duty Officer located in Bldg. G644. Once you have had your orders endorsed, report to the following location:

    During working hours- School of Infantry (Camp Geiger) Permanent Personnel Admin G644 (910) 449-0441.

    After working hours- School of Infantry (Camp Geiger) OOD, Bldg. G644 (910) 449-0179.

    Refer to the link above for additional information such as lodging for visitors both on and off base.

  • SOI East: Resources
    Included in this link are resources for the SOI East Chaplain, Equal Opportunity, as well as Family Readiness.

    There is also a tab to the right on this page with graduation dates for MCT.

  • SOI East: Camp Geiger
    This link shares a brief history of Camp Geiger and its construction during World War II.

  • Camp Geiger Map

  • SOI East: Official Facebook Page

Official Groups on Facebook for SOI

  • What's After Boot? (WAB)
    Need help figuring out where to go after boot camp? Start with our What's After Boot Group.
  • SOI ITB East
    Parris Island boot camp graduates who are 03xx MOS Marines (infantry and weapons MOS)
  • SOI ITB West
    For 03xx MOS Marines who graduated boot camp at San Diego
  • SOI MCT East
    For all other MOS Marines who graduated boot camp at Parris Island
  • SOI MCT West
    For all other MOS Marines who graduated boot camp at San Diego


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