OCC Field 08Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jesus Sepulveda Torre. Released for public use.

MOS OCC Field 08: Field Artillery

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0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer
Prepare pieces of artillery for movement, deployment, and combat firing while serving within a Field Artillery Battery. These Marines need to inspect and prepare ammunition while also being familiar with terminology associated with using artillery and laying down accurate artillery fire with accuracy and precision.
Fort Sill, OK FB Page  
0814 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) Operator
Prepare the HIMARS system for deployment and ensure that it is clean and maintained and ready for use at any time. These systems fire multiple rockets at a time, so it is imperative that they are maintained for the most efficient methods of using them. Also, these Marines will have knowledge on camouflaging the HIMARS system and providing security for it.
Not Listed    
0842 Field Artillery Radar Operator
Disrupt and create countermeasures to enemy artillery radar. Also, these Marines will emplace and monitor radar systems that will be used to assist friendly artillery while also locating and coordinating for the displacement of enemy artillery and enemy radar systems.
Fort Sill, OK    
0844 Field Artillery Fire Control Marine
Use and maintain fire control equipment, which may include performing minor repairs. Fire control men coordinate and perform computations for field artillery batteries to ensure the most accurate and precise use of field artillery against enemy positions.
Fort Sill, OK    
0847 Field Artillery Sensor Support Marine
Assist in the delivery of accurate and on time firepower by using weather calculations, barometric pressure readings, and calculations to ensure the most accurate and precise use of field artillery against enemy positions and enemy artillery.
Fort Sill, OK    
0848 Field Artillery Operations
(Ranks: MGySgt to SSgt) Field Artillery Operations Chief perform the various duties associated with the operation of a field artillery and mortar fire direction center.
Not Listed    
0861 Fire Support Marine
(Ranks: MGySgt to Pvt) Fire Support Marines perform duties incident to the planning, observation, conduct, and control of artillery and naval gunfire.
Fort Sill, OK    
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#OccField08 includes the following MOS:
0811 Field Artillery Cannoneer, MOS School:  Fort Sill, OK
0814 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) Operator, MOS School:  N/A
0842 Field Artillery Radar Operator, MOS School:  Fort Sill, OK
0844 Field Artillery Fire Control Marine, MOS School:  Fort Sill, OK
0847 Field Artillery Sensor Support Marine, MOS School:  Fort Sill, OK
0848 Field Artillery Operations, MOS School:  N/A
0861 Fire Support Marine, MOS School:  Fort Sill, OK
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