OCC Field 02Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Timothy R. Smithers. Released for public use.

MOS OCC Field 02: Intelligence

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0211 Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Specialist
Counterintelligence specialists utilize human intelligence techniques to gather and distribute intelligence in support of the Marine Corps. They spend many years training to be specialists in the field to gather intelligence and feed bad intelligence to enemy personnel.
Dam Neck,VA    
0212 Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Specialist
(Ranks: MSgt to Sgt) Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Specialists are involved in all facets of planning and conducting tactical, strategic, and joint TSCM operations and activities. These activities are designed to detect and neutralize a wide variety of hostile technical surveillance technologies designed to obtain unauthorized access to classified and sensitive information.
Not Listed    
0231 Intelligence Specialist
Read intelligence reports, prepare reports, distribute information to superiors, and gather intelligence sources to help verify incoming information.
Dam Neck,VA FB Group FB Group 2
0239 Intelligence Analyst
(Ranks: MSgt to Sgt) Intelligence Analyst, the 0239, is an all-source intelligence analyst specifically trained to advise and assist in the planning, collection, and implementation of all intelligence disciplines across the full spectrum of intelligence operations.
Not Listed    
0241 Imagery Analysis Specialist
Utilize photo observation skills to analyze imagery and determine if there is valuable intelligence that can be presented to superiors. These analysts spend a great period of time looking through similar images to find small nuances of differences.
Not Listed    
0245 Target Mensuration Analyst
(Ranks: MSgt to LCpl) Target Mensuration Analysts directly support target material production (TMP).
Not Listed    
0261 Geospatial Intelligence Specialist
These specialists utilize geophysical data and querying to develop intelligence reports dealing with geographical locations. They will use special equipment to analyze land and various geographies to determine if there is evidence of intelligence available.
Dam Neck,VA FB Group  
0271 Aviation Intelligence Specialists
Aviation Intelligence Specialists is an entry-level NMOS for Marines that are being assigned to aviation units. Aviation Intelligence Specialists are familiar with the six functions of Marine Corps Aviation as well as friendly and enemy aviation and air defense platforms.
Not Listed    
0275 Marine Air/Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Collection Management Marine
(Ranks: MSgt to Sgt) Intelligence collection requirements managers (CRM) are subject matter experts on the planning, development, and execution of a collection strategy in support of a commander’s priority intelligence requirements (PIR) and generic intelligence requirements (IR) derived from analytical centers and intelligence staffs.
Not Listed    
0277 Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) Intelligence Marine
(Ranks: MGySgt to Pvt) Weapons and Tactics and Instructor (WTI) Intelligence Marines are subject matter experts on the tactical employment of threat weapon systems.
Not Listed    
0291 Intelligence Chief
(Rank: MGySgt) Intelligence Chiefs are the senior most Enlisted Marines of the Marine Corps Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISRE) they are responsible to provide the highest quality of actionable intelligence and are accountable for their leadership in guiding the professional development of the enlisted workforce at all levels of the operating forces, supporting establishment and joint commands.
Not Listed    
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#OccField02 includes the following MOS:
0211 Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence (CI/HUMINT) Specialist, MOS School:  Dam Neck,VA
0212 Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Specialist, MOS School:  N/A
0231 Intelligence Specialist, MOS School:  Dam Neck,VA
0239 Intelligence Analyst, MOS School:  N/A
0241 Imagery Analysis Specialist, MOS School:  N/A
0245 Target Mensuration Analyst, MOS School:  N/A
0261 Geospatial Intelligence Specialist, MOS School:  Dam Neck,VA
0271 Aviation Intelligence Specialists, MOS School:  N/A
0275 Marine Air/Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Collection Management Marine, MOS School:  N/A
0277 Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) Intelligence Marine, MOS School:  N/A
0291 Intelligence Chief, MOS School:  N/A
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