OCC Field 06Marine Corps photo by Cpl. J. R. Heins. Released for public use.

MOS OCC Field 06: Communications

For additional information, see the official Department of the Navy Headquarters Marine Corps MOS Manual:
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Specialty School Location FB Page FB Page2
0621 Transmissions System Operator
(Ranks: Sgt to Pvt) Transmissions System Operators employ transmissions systems to enable command and control.
29 Palms, CA FB Page FB Page2
0623 Troposcatter Transmissions System Operator
(Ranks: Sgt to Pvt) Troposcatter Transmissions System Operators install, operate and maintain tropospheric transmissions systems to enable command and control. Marines will operate complex transmission systems to integrate communication networks.
29 Palms, CA FB Group FB Group 2
0627 Satellite Transmissions System Operator
Operate and maintain various wideband satellite communication terminals operating in the AEHF, KU, KA, X, and L bands.
Fort Gordon, GA FB Group  
0629 Transmissions Chief
(Ranks: GySgt to SSgt) Transmissions Chiefs install, operate, maintain, and supervise advanced transmissions operations; develop site plans for Line of Site (LOS), troposcatter and satellite communications systems, coordinates the development of the Communications Electronic Operating Instruction (CEOI). The Transmissions Chief is responsible for training, security measures, employment of transmission equipment, systems integration with networks for all elements of transmission, data communications, wireless architecture and cybersecurity.
Not Listed    
0631 Network Administrator
(Ranks: Sgt to Pvt) Network Administrators install operate and maintain local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) to enable command and control. Typical duties include routing/switching configuration, cybersecurity, premise wiring, installation of network components.
Not Listed    
0633 Network Transport Technician
(Ranks: Sgt to Pvt) Network Transport Technicians are responsible for performing duties in commercial outside plant, cable distribution systems, install and maintain fiber optic, copper, and coaxial cable according to safety regulations and standards.
Not Listed    
0639 Network Chief
(Ranks: GySgt to SSgt) Network Chiefs install, operate, maintain, and supervise local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) to enable command and control. The Network Chief is responsible for training, advanced routing/ switching, cybersecurity, locating and correcting faults, quality of service (QOS), implementation/management of the cable plan, long haul transport, internet (IP) management, encryption management, network monitoring, end to end systems integration and troubleshooting.
Not Listed    
0648 Spectrum Manager
(Ranks: MSgt to Sgt) Spectrum Managers coordinate the use of Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) spectrum-dependent (S-D) equipment and systems into the electromagnetic environment (EME).
Not Listed    
0671 Data Systems Administrator
These Marines support many computer and network operating systems. Also, they will implement system upgrades to ensure that systems are being as secure as possible with the most modern technology.
Not Listed    
0673 Applications Developer
(Ranks: GySgt to Sgt) Applications Developer encompass a broad spectrum of computer programing, web development, scripting, database querying, application development within an accredited software development kit (SDK) to enable command and control.
Not Listed    
0679 Data Systems Chief
(Ranks: GySgt to SSgt) Data Systems Chiefs supports a myriad of technologies to include data systems, virtualization, unified communications and application development to enable command and control.
Not Listed    
0681 Information Security Technician
(Ranks: MGySgt to SSgt) Information Security Technicians (IST) serves as the Marine Corps' primary functional proponent for the Department of the Navy's (DoN) communications security (COMSEC) and cryptographic key management. These Marines provide day-to-day operation of the DoN's COMSEC material control system (CMCS).
Not Listed    
0691 Communications Training Instructor
(Ranks: MGySgt to SSgt) Communication Training Instructors (CTI) are subject matter experts in communications concepts and theories, equipment capabilities and employment strategies. CTIs are proficient in the development of personnel and skillset evaluation.
Not Listed    
0699 Communications Chief
(Ranks: MGySgt to MSgt) Communications Chief must possess thorough understanding of equipment capabilities and system integration for all elements of transmissions, networks, data systems, cybersecurity, information and communications security management.
Not Listed    
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#OccField06 includes the following MOS:
0621 Transmissions System Operator, MOS School:  29 Palms, CA
0623 Troposcatter Transmissions System Operator, MOS School:  29 Palms, CA
0627 Satellite Transmissions System Operator, MOS School:  Fort Gordon, GA
0629 Transmissions Chief, MOS School:  N/A
0631 Network Administrator, MOS School:  N/A
0633 Network Transport Technician, MOS School:  N/A
0639 Network Chief, MOS School:  N/A
0648 Spectrum Manager, MOS School:  N/A
0671 Data Systems Administrator, MOS School:  N/A
0673 Applications Developer, MOS School:  N/A
0679 Data Systems Chief, MOS School:  N/A
0681 Information Security Technician, MOS School:  N/A
0691 Communications Training Instructor, MOS School:  N/A
0699 Communications Chief, MOS School:  N/A
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