What's After Boot™ Terminology Glossary


Camp Pendleton, Calif. - Marines training to be machine gunners break up their ammunition into different lengths before starting a sequence of fire on range 218A in the 53-area of Camp Pendleton, Jan. 28, 2014. The Marines are students with Delta Co., Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry-West and are training to be basically qualified in the 0331 MOS. Infantry Training Battalion trains all infantry, entry-level Marines in the infantry skills essential to operating combat environment. Infantry Training Battalion is a 52-day training course that transforms the raw Marine into an infantryman who can fight, survive, and win in a combat situation.
— Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Orrin G. Farmer.

  • SOI School of Infantry
  • MCT Marine Combat Training
  • ITB Infantry Training Battalion
  • MOS Military Occupational Specialty
  • PDS Permanent Duty Station

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