School of Infantry: Camp Geiger

Basic Information

Camp Geiger, North Carolina, is one of two School of Infantry (SOI) locations where newly-minted Marines will be instructed on modern Marine Corps infantry tactics in order to conduct expeditionary combat operations. Camp Geiger is a satellite facility of Camp Lejeune and is located in eastern North Carolina, approximately 250 miles east of Charlotte, NC and 50 miles north of Wilmington, NC.

While all Marines who graduate boot camp at MCRD Parris Island will attend SOI at Camp Geiger, the amount of time your Marine will spend at Camp Geiger depends on whether he or she attends Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) or Marine Combat Training (MCT). ITB lasts for 59 days and is intended to train and qualify infantry Marines in the infantry-related Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) of 03(xx). MCT lasts for 29 days and is intended to train all non-infantry Marines in the infantry skills essential to operate in a combat environment.

Graduation Information

All graduations at Camp Geiger are held at the Camp Geiger Gym (BLDG G930) or LZ 15, depending on the weather. Graduation activities begin at 7:45 am on the day of graduation, so visitors are encouraged to arrive by 7:30 am. To gain access to the base for graduation, visitors will need to provide a valid driver's license, current vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

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Camp Geiger

The main gate of Camp Lejeune. Camp Geiger, the home of SOI East, is located on the grounds of Camp Lejeune.
—United States Dept. of Defense photo

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