OCC Field 21Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Harley Robinson. Released for public use.

MOS OCC Field 21: Ground Ordnance Maintenance

For additional information, see the official Department of the Navy Headquarters Marine Corps MOS Manual:
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Specialty School Location FB Page FB Page2
2111 Small Arms Repairer/Technician
Small arms technicians work in the armory where they maintain and repair small arms weapons, such as handguns, M16s, and M4 rifles.
Fort Lee, VA    
2112 Precision Weapons Repairer/Technician
(Ranks: GySgt to Cpl) The Precision Weapons Repairer/Technician performs duties incident to inspection, maintenance, fabrication, and repair of precision small arms in support of the competition-in-arms program (CIAP) and depot maintenance intra-service support agreement (DMISA) program.
Not Listed    
2131 Towed Artillery Systems Technician
Towed artillery, the howitzer artillery gun, requires maintenance from experts who are trained in repairing and upkeeping howitzer artillery guns.
Fort Lee, VA    
2141 Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Repairer/Technician
These Marines perform maintenance on AAV vehicles and weapons that are echelon 2 or 3. Additionally, they keep track of maintenance schedules through the use of administrative forms.
Camp Pendleton, CA FB Group FB Group 2
2146 Main Battle Tank (MBT) Repairer/Technician
The main tank retriever and armored vehicle coordinate and perform maintenance and repair from the Marines who are specialists in these weapons and components.
Fort Benning, GA    
2147 Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Repairer/Technician
Perform maintenance and repairs on LAV vehicles and on-board weapons systems.
Fort Lee, VA    
2149 Ordnance Vehicle Maintenance Chief
(Ranks: MGySgt to MSgt) Ordnance Vehicle Maintenance Chiefs supervise the maintenance, repair, and inspection of ordnance vehicles to include their turrets and direct the activities of assigned enlisted personnel in an ordnance vehicle repair shop or facility.
Not Listed    
2161 Machinist
Machinists fabricate, repair, and design various accessories and modifications for components of engineering equipment, vehicles, weapons, and whatever else may be needed to assist with the mission of the Marine Corps.
Fort Lee, VA    
2171 Electro-Optical Ordnance Repairer
Perform maintenance to ground ordnance equipment. This equipment involves night vision and lasers used in the assistance of directing ground ordnance devices and missile systems.
Fort Lee, VA    
2181 Ground Ordnance Weapons Chief
(Ranks: MGySgt to MSgt) Ground Ordnance Weapons Chief supervise the maintenance, repair, and inspection of all small arms weapons and towed artillery howitzers and direct the activities of assigned enlisted personnel in a small arms or towed artillery repair shop or facility.
Not Listed    
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#OccField21 includes the following MOS:
2111 Small Arms Repairer/Technician, MOS School:  Fort Lee, VA
2112 Precision Weapons Repairer/Technician, MOS School:  N/A
2131 Towed Artillery Systems Technician, MOS School:  Fort Lee, VA
2141 Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Repairer/Technician, MOS School:  Camp Pendleton, CA
2146 Main Battle Tank (MBT) Repairer/Technician, MOS School:  Fort Benning, GA
2147 Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Repairer/Technician, MOS School:  Fort Lee, VA
2149 Ordnance Vehicle Maintenance Chief, MOS School:  N/A
2161 Machinist, MOS School:  Fort Lee, VA
2171 Electro-Optical Ordnance Repairer, MOS School:  Fort Lee, VA
2181 Ground Ordnance Weapons Chief, MOS School:  N/A
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