OCC Field 86. Released for public use.

MOS OCC Field 86: Miscellaneous Requirements MOS 86

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8621 Surveillance Sensor Operator
(Ranks: MSgt to Pvt) Surveillance Sensor Operators inspect, install, and operate remote, unattended, Measurement and Signals Intelligence (MASINT) and imaging sensors, in support of intelligence collection and MAGTF operations.
Not Listed    
8623 Small Unmanned Aircraft System Specialist
(Ranks: MGySgt to LCpl) The Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Specialist is responsible for planning, integrating, and executing small unmanned aircraft system (SUAS) operations in support of the MAGTF. They integrate SUAS capabilities with unit operations IAW mission orders, scheme of maneuver, fire support coordination measures, airspace control measures, frequency assignments, airspace and range regulations.
Not Listed    
8640 Requirements Manager
(Ranks: MGySgt to SSgt) Requirements Managers (RMs) are the front-end of the Marine Corps' acquisition community. They are accountable for taking concepts and capability gaps and turning them into actionable joint capabilities integration and development system documents that result in the deployment of doctrine, training, and equipment.
Not Listed    
8641 Micro-Miniature Repairer
(Ranks: GySgt to LCpl) The Micro-Miniature Repairer MOS identifies Electronics Maintenance Personnel who have received training in the highly specialized area of circuit card repair. Micro-Miniature Repairers are trained in the use of automated test equipment to troubleshoot inoperative circuit cards down to the defective component. They are also trained in the specialized techniques required to remove and replace micro-miniature components such as surface mounted, highly static sensitive and multiplied devices.
Not Listed    
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8621 Surveillance Sensor Operator, MOS School:  N/A
8623 Small Unmanned Aircraft System Specialist, MOS School:  N/A
8640 Requirements Manager, MOS School:  N/A
8641 Micro-Miniature Repairer, MOS School:  N/A
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